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Wednesday, May 23, 2018 at 7pm, back entrance of the Town Hall.

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NOVEMBER 7, 2017!!!

First Selectman - Mike Alberts

Our former State Representative will hit the ground running as our new First Selectman. His past service in Woodstock includes: member of Economic Development, Planning & Zoning, Board of Finance-as Chair, Middle School Building- as Chair, and member of the Board of Selectmen. He was first elected our State Representative in 2004 where he proudly served in the general assembly as Ranking Member of the General Assembly’s Commerce Committee, Veteran’s Committee and Banking Committee and served on the Environment Committee and the Higher Education Committee. He was also recognized by the media as one of CT’s most farm friendly representatives. He has been a long time member of the Benson-Flugel American Legion post in Woodstock, served in the U.S. Air Force as air traffic control officer from 1980-1985, and became chief of ATC for his base in Maine. He served as Chief of Public Affairs for CT Air National Guard unit at Bradley where he attained the rank of Major. Mike has what it takes to keep Woodstock a shining example of what good government can accomplish.

Selectman - Chandler Paquette

Chandler has proudly served the Town of Woodstock as Selectman for 10 years. He has been an integral part and played leading roles on several school building/renovation projects and chaired the committee for the new highway garage. Chan has earned respect from our community as both a businessman and a leader. His municipal experience, along with Mike Alberts as First Selectman, will be a win-win for our community.

Board of Assessment Appeals - Edward Larson

Ed has been a Woodstock resident for 47 years where he and his wife raised 4 children. They have 9 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Ed has served on the Economic Development Commission, the Town Hall Renovation Committee, and 5 years on Land Use Board of Appeals. He has been a proven leader on Board of Assessment Appeals for 25 years. Ed’s experience and knowledge are invaluable.

Town Clerk - Judy Walberg

Known as our “local government Sherpa,” Judy is committed to serving our community with professional, friendly and quality public service. Judy’s institutional knowledge of our town and history is invaluable to her colleagues, attorneys, real estate agents, genealogists and residents of our community.

Town Treasurer - Karen Fitzpatrick

Karen has served the Town for 11 years as Recreation Director and Assistant to the Director of Public Works. In 2013, she was hired as bookkeeper and later that year was appointed Assistant Treasurer. Her background is business management, bookkeeping and accounting. In 2017, she was appointed Acting Town Treasurer and Bookkeeper. She has taken charge of our finance office and worked with our auditors as well as our Board of Finance and Selectmen, Bond Counsel and financial advisors and has earned their utmost confidence from them in her ability to lead that department.

Tax Collector - Linda Bernardi

Linda is serving her 6th term as Tax Collector and maintains one of the highest collection rates in the state. She has cultivated a level of excellence and professionalism in her office for the last 10 years.

Board of Finance Full Term - Roy Bradrick, Jr.

Roy currently serves as an alternate member of the Board of Finance. He is a former Board of Finance Chairman and former First Selectman of the Town of Union. He has the depth of experience to do what it takes to keep our fiscal house in order.

Board of Education Full Term - Hans Frankhouser & Holly Dearborn

Hans is a current member of the Board of Education and has been part of a team that has led our school district through some very difficult fiscal times. Holly is a former 3rd grade teacher, PTO volunteer, former para-professional at WES, former President of Moms Club of Woodstock, and co-owner and teacher of Montessori School. Their experience and level headedness will help to maintain our excellent school system.

Board of Education to Fill Vacancy for Two Years - Cynthia Alberts

Cindy has had 29 years of classroom experience, with both elementary and special education students in the town of Plainfield. She brings a wealth of knowledge from a teaching perspective and looks forward to being a part of our educational system. She was recently appointed to fill a vacancy that occurred on the Board of Education.

Planning and Zoning Commission - David Morse

Dave is a life-long resident of Woodstock where he and his family have been in the dairy farming business for generations. Dave is passionate about maintaining our rural character while still allowing for thoughtful growth and development.

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The mission of the WRTC is to incorporate the objectives of our platform into an efficient, transparent and accountable government that serves the town of Woodstock with honesty, pragmatism and a spirit of cooperation, and that seeks to unite all townspeople with a clear vision for creating a healthy, safe and prosperous community.

Our Platform values are organized into four areas which provide a comprehensive approach towards meeting our mission.  These areas include Leadership, Fiscal Responsibility, Education and Environment.  It is our belief that these values will be upheld with pride and courage by our members and our endorsed candidates.  It is our hope that they will guide us and protect the community with a consistent conservative perspective during times of earned prosperity and economic hardship.


  1. Our leaders will uphold and defend the values of the WRTC platform
  2. Our leaders will implement policies and practices in a manner that is fair
  3. Our leaders will be open to the ideas of all community members regardless of party affiliation
  4. Our leaders will communicate with the community on a regular basis with honesty and transparency
  5. Our leaders will encourage, recruit and endorse the participation of all citizens in their government
  6. Our leaders will uphold the Town of Woodstock's Code of Ethics
  7. Our leaders will enhance and encourage coordination and communication between all boards, town employees and citizen committees so as to unify and to promote a common vision in a productive and efficient manner


  1. Respect the property rights of individuals and support their responsibility for land stewardship, their respect for the rights of others and in their preservation of the town's rural character
  2. Support well-conceived open space initiatives, subdivision/zoning regulations and economic development opportunities with an active consideration for their fiscal impact and on the long term vision for Woodstock
  3. Support a town Plan of Conservation and Development that serves as a proactive meant to responsibly grow guide
  4. Protect our local agricultural industries and farmlands through supporting fiscally responsible policies and local ordinances that help meet their needs
  5. Promote the preservation of our natural resources by supporting cost effective solutions that lessen the negative impact we have on the environment and take into consideration the rural character of Woodstock

Fiscal Responsibility

  1. Advocate always for the taxpayer by seeking to minimize their inidividual tax burden
  2. Spend what is necessary to efficiently provide essential services and maintain the infrastructure required by the town's citizens so as to avoid more costly outlays in the long term
  3. Oppose the imposition of unfunded state mandates
  4. Encourage and promote spending measures that are fully transparent, incorporate fair bidding practices and rely on sound accounting principles
  5. Support an open and thourough budgeting process which clearly identifies need, cost and benefits of various town services
  6. Encourage creativity and civic enthusiasm in developing strategies that maximize efficiency and minimize waste


  1. Support an ongoing commitment toward providing our schools with the resources needed to ensure that our children receive an education that not only prepares them for being life long learners, but sustains them towards achieving a competitive edge in the workplace and in the world
  2. Recognize that education is a right, a responsibility and an investment for a child and the entire community
  3. Promote a sense of pride in our schools and our students by advocating for and supporting their drive to achieve a personal best in academics, athletics and fine arts
  4. Advocate for a fair balance of funding between the town and the education budgets
  5. Approach spending issues with the recognition that more money does not necessarily result in better quality, but be prepared to spend to the extent necessary to ensure a high quality education
  6. Support common sense reforms to the state's binding arbitration laws, while rewarding superior teacher performance
  7. Strengthen communication and coordination between Woodstock Public Schools, Woodstock Academy and the community at large

About Us

The WRTC meets the third Wednesday of each month at the Woodstock Town Hall at 7pm. We hope to meet you. 

This year is a local election year so stay up to date on everything about the campaign by visiting our site!

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